My First Urban Utopia – Case Study : Jakarta City, Indonesia

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here’s the list :

– jakarta with no traffic jam! 😉

– ‘cool’ n sleek design high rise building with roof garden on every top of the building (as well as the conventional land garden 🙂 )

– well designed city n environment for all of jakarta

– no more poverty

– good housing for all citizens

– nice busway corridors, nice car corridors, nice motorcycle corridors, nice bicycle corridors, nice pedestrians for someone like me who loves walking! 😀

– rebuild those canals that jakarta has – make it looks just like venesia (look @ urself : have u ever been there, uh… hehehe… 😀 ) – make it alweyz clean with water smell (not garbage stinky smells 😦 ) : sure there will be a new fun transportation by those canals

– jakarta with its beautiful gorgeous old building of batavia… with all conservation projects work! a holistic conservation projects for sure… i’m dreamin’ of it, on sunrise, on sunset… the shilouette… beautiful 🙂

too much hope, uh..?? i don’t think so – that’s why it’s called : utopia 😉

how d’ u think?

is it a good start to dream – or maybe u have other crazy ideas that i have not spoken yet 😀

cheers your utopia!

It’s Me : the Urban Utopia

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hi, it’s me – the urban utopia 😉

how d’ you think ’bout the indonesian urban utopia should be?

d’ you think present condition has represented your utopia already… or it hasn’t?

come, join me, to speak up what should we do – or at least what should or could we suggest for the sake of our urban life

think of –

your urban utopia!

Hello world!

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